Forex Factory Calendar

Forex Factory Calendar

The forex factory calendar is one of the most valuable resources you can use as a forex trader because it contains everything from global economic events to fundamental data releases to market-moving news events. If you’re interested in staying Forex Factory Calendar on top of the latest developments and prepared to react accordingly, reading the calendar every day will help you stay on track and informed.

Currency Pair, Settlement Date, and Time

One of these pairs is always highlighted in red to show where forex traders’ attention will be. For example, check out how GBP/USD has been highlighted as a major player on Wednesday and Thursday as they were scheduled for a NY Fed announcement. Check back at 9:30 am GMT 4:30 am EST for updated information or visit daily at 8 pm GMT for a new weekly calendar with trading opportunities on forex markets through January 2020. The Forex Factory Calendar lists all major announcements by governments, central banks, corporations, and interest rate decision announcements from around the world. Most have an impact on foreign exchange rates and can cause great volatility when released unexpectedly or lead to big price swings if market participants are unprepared for an upcoming event.

Find out which currency pairs are most active on a given day with our forex calendar, where you can choose periods of one week to one year. See our weekly and monthly forecasts for further insights into upcoming trends as well as detailed commentary for major currency events. You can also see an overview of scheduled major releases in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, including key business events and monetary policy changes. The Forex Factory Calendar gives you all you need to know about major upcoming events that may affect foreign exchange rates so you can start preparing today for what tomorrow will bring. It should not be regarded as investment/trading advice.

All Trading Times

This means that traders need to be aware of when all market times are. What’s the forex factory calendar all about? Most of us think a typical trader wakes up, starts work, and then goes home. Not so! Traders often have different Forex Factory Calendar sessions based on where they live and their preferred working hours. For example, Asian markets open early in Japan forex trading benefits around 02:00 GMT and close late in Australia at 11:00 GMT. European traders tend to open early as well 06:00 GMT and close late at night/early morning sometimes around 14:00 or 15:00 GMT.

All market times are vital in that they can help you maximize your trading day, helping you to create several working sessions if you wish. New York has its daily session for Forex Factory Calendar three hours later. If you live in Europe, it could be four or five hours after that before your local market opens. All markets being open 24 hours a day is rarer than most people believe, and it’s also important to remember that even when markets are open all week, they don’t always have sessions at the same time. For example, despite Tokyo opening at around 02:00 GMT every morning.

The Main Market Session

Opening times for all the major forex markets are located in one section and list most countries along with their opening times. Visitors can click on a country to view its session details including exchange rates. The session lists either open or close as well as an up or down arrow depending on whether that currency’s value changed from yesterday. Visitors will also find buttons that allow them to search through particular periods of last week, and the last 30 days as well as see what currencies are trending on Forex Factory Calendar. While daily sessions change very frequently and early morning/late night ones have been added recently, traders can still easily get a snapshot of session changes across multiple time zones by looking at our table below

Forex currency trading is a 24-hour-per-day market and beyond using the forex factory’s real-time charting tool to trade on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, or other crosses around that time, you can also stay on top of what’s happening in London, Tokyo, and Sydney with our Forex Machine 56 Dual session data. With information like opening hours and expected volatility recorded Forex Factory Calendar for each session alongside exchange rates, it couldn’t be easier to know when markets will open or close as well as those which are closed today or which ones will be volatile. You can then use charts based on these sessions to plot live trades or compare recent quotes from around that period.

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