Forex Trading Partners


While picking a forex trading partner, one has to be very keen and choosy. Before choosing one, you must go through their profile and clients’ feedback.

Forex trading in UAE is a rough & tough profession to proceed with, and only those with years of experience will be able to make it.

Forex Partners

The Forex partners are the people that have made a name in the field of forex trading in Dubai and have been very successful. They team up with the brokers and get them traders who do business with them, and partners get a ratio of profit because of the traders they provide to the brokers. Moreover, Fx partners have in-depth knowledge, and they know which the best broker is. They develop a sense of trust with the trader because partners will always get them the best broker.

Our website will provide a platform for the partners to establish links with the traders and brokers. Here, we will have plenty of traders who are experienced or inexperienced. Partners will work with a diversity of traders, thus working in the trader’s best interests and getting them the best broker. Another reason the partners work for the trader’s best parts is that if the trader losses, it will be the partner’s loss.

How are the Forex Trading Partners Helpful?

The Forex trading partners can be helpful in many ways depending on various factors. Sometimes they introduce brokers to the traders where they work only in the essence of traders. While other times, they bring traders to the brokers, and they represent the brokers in that case.

Some people partner with the famous forex platforms and provide them with brokers, traders, and other partners. Thus, they get a profit for each referral they provide.

Partners prove to be very efficient in the forex business because they know what and how things happen. They choose the best brokers for their referrals and so earn the profit for themselves as well.

Advantages of Forex Trading Partners

It’s important to us that our clients have access to an ever-expanding range of benefits that will help them succeed:

How do the Fx Partners Share the Information?

There are many sources through which the Forex partners forward the updates and information to the current & new traders. These sources include; blogs, newsletters, live chat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, SMS notifications, email alerts, etc.

Why is your achievement significant to your Forex partner?

Alike a true partner, a forex trading partner believes in your success as his.

The forex partners benefit from the amount of value produced by the traders they typically lead. Unless they have agreed to a CPA (cost per acquisition) with the forex trading partnership’s brokers.

Thus, if the suggested trades by the trader fails, the partner will also lose his money. As a result, the partners would always consider such forex buyers/sellers whom they can profit from. They do so by means of technical analysis and trading signals.

Types of Forex Trading Partner

1. Affiliate:

Those with a website, forum, famous blog, social media presence, or interested in the online community will become affiliates.

  • Earn from partners and their sub-partners customers in a three-tiered scheme.
  • Get 50% on the initial level, 16.7%, and 5.6% on the 2nd & 3rd levels, respectively.

2. Agents:

Agents are for the partners with a history in banking or dealing.

  • Attract professional traders to your services.

·         You will get a 65% fee from each opening & spread.

3. STP PRO Markup

A program developed especially to encourage serious traders to use our service.

  • As a result, the collaboration would be much more valuable.
  • You can pick from six different payment choices for attracted clients ($7, $15, $30*, $40*, or $50* per lot) to optimize your profit.

Choose your Partnership Program

We, at Forextradingpips, introduce a few exciting deals and opportunities to expand their own company by promoting our trading services to their contacts. All this happens within the range of our Partnership Program. Just go ahead and choose a Partnership program for you:

Regional Delegate

Through this program, you will run a local office and introduce our brands in your region as a Regional Delegate or Officer. Also, you will be responsible for arranging training courses and workshops in our office.


 Our top-tier relationship alternative is the Broker-in-Charge. In other words, a Broker-in-Charge will present us to their community expecting to motivate new customers.

Multi-level Partnership

Rather than the affiliate programs, the Multi-level Partnership Scheme offers more options for making revenue. Moreover, it is a type of affiliate program.

Our Partner Program Services & Benefits

It’s an honor that our worthy clients utilize all the possible benefits from us to accomplish their goals in the Fx market.

  1. Share of the spread and commission
  2. Reporting through the internet
  3. Marketing services and assistance
  4. Your own devoted sales manager
  5. There are no commission caps.
  6. Promotional instruments of the highest class
  7. Partner and trader promotions and exclusive deals 
  8. The partnership receives compensation over all of the instruments of the company.
  9. A loyalty scheme for every employee of the company.
  10. Service of refunds (spread cashback for referrals)

Get a Start Right away!

You can join us in our achievement and by registering with us within just a few simple steps!

1: Become our partner.

2: We’ll give you a unique website, promotional documents, and a one-of-a-kind link.

3: Begin to use these materials to entice potential buyers and guide them to our website.

4: Receive a fee for each person you refer to for a live account and begin trading.

5: As your partner clients’ trading volume rises, so does your commission.

6: If any of your recommended clients wish to become partners, you can benefit from their associated clients’ trades as well.