Is Trading Forex Legal in Malaysia

Is Trading Forex Legal in Malaysia – Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know?

Forex trading is one of the most popular trading markets in the world. It has a volume of around 3 trillion US dollars every day. What people don’t know is that not all trading markets are legal in all countries.

Forex trading is legal in most countries. But, the big question is trading forex in Malaysia legal? There are a few surprising facts surrounding forex trading in Malaysia that you might not know. Therefore, Forextradingpips, a well-known and reputable website will take a look at whether trading forex is legal in Malaysia.

Yes, forex trading is legal in Malaysia. The Malaysian government has put in place a few restrictions to ensure that the country’s financial markets are stable and secure, but overall the environment is conducive to forex trading.  Additionally, there are some restrictions. For example, Malaysian citizens are not allowed to trade certain currency pairs, and they must trade through a licensed broker. There are also restrictions on how much money can be traded per day.

To understand the forex trading in Malaysia, we’ve documented some of the pertinent nuggets to put into consideration. Nonetheless, it might be daunting to jump into the forex market in Malaysia without having a forex education. And, this is where we at Forextradingpips come in. We offer excellent forex education to all forex investors across the globe. Contact us for consultation before diving deep into the forex market in Malaysia.

That said; the following are some of the surprising facts you need to know about wikifx Forex trading in Malaysia as explored by our professional forex traders. Let’s jump right into it;

Forex Trading in Malaysia

Forex trading is legal in Malaysia. However, there are some things you need to know about forex trading in Malaysia.

First, it is important to open a forex trading account in Malaysia. The investment vehicle is not a regulated entity in Malaysia, so it is important to open an account to trade. This can be done through a local bank, an online broker, or a foreign exchange company.

The second thing to know about forex trading in Malaysia is that it is not legal to trade forex in Malaysia.  Nonetheless, it is illegal to trade currencies that are not part of the country’s legal tender. This includes;

  • US dollar,
  • The Euro,
  • The British pound,
  • The Australian dollar, and
  • The Japanese yen.

Additionally, Forex Trading in Malaysia is legal as regulated by the Bank Negara Malaysia. Bank Negara Malaysia is the authority that regulates financial services in Malaysia. As a forex dealer, your activities are regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

The Bank Negara Malaysia is not only the authority that regulates the financial services in Malaysia but it also regulates currency trading in Malaysia. This means that you get a license to operate a currency trading business in Malaysia.

Your license is called the “Permit to Deal in Foreign Exchange.” To get the license, you need to be a member of a recognized financial institution.

There are many types of financial institutions that are recognized by Bank Negara Malaysia. These are banks, money changers, stock brokers, and more. When you sign up for the license, you need to provide your bank account information. The Bank of Negara Malaysia will then take care of it.

Forex Trading in Malaysia: The Pros and Cons

Forex trading in Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular among traders. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before trading forex in Malaysia.

Pros of Trading Forex in Malaysia

  • The main pro of forex trading in Malaysia is the low cost of entry. Unlike stock trading, forex trading does not require a large amount of capital to start. This makes it an attractive option for those who are looking to invest a small amount of money.
  • Another pro of forex trading in Malaysia is the lack of restrictions. There are no restrictions on currency pairs that can be traded, and no limit on the amount of leverage that can be used. This allows traders to have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to their trading strategies.

Cons of Trading Forex in Malaysia

  • The main con of forex trading in Malaysia is the lack of regulation. There is no central body that regulates the forex market in Malaysia. This means that there is a greater risk of fraud and manipulation than in other markets.

What are the legalities of trading forex?

The legalities of trading forex vary from country to country. In some countries, forex trading is completely legal and regulated by the government. In other countries, forex trading is illegal and considered to be a form of gambling. Before you begin trading forex, it is important to check the legalities in your own country.

What are the taxes for Forex Trading in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that shares its borders with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. It is an interesting country with a diverse culture and heritage. It’s also an interesting country when it comes to trading. Forex trading is legal in Malaysia, but it’s not the most popular.

There are more Malaysians trading on the stock market than Forex, but that doesn’t mean the country doesn’t want you to trade. It’s just that the country values a more traditional way of trading. Malaysia doesn’t tax profits made from trading on the Forex market, but it does tax your trading profit on the stock market.

Also, it is just important to make sure that the traders are compliant with the law. The trading of currencies does not come with a tax. This is because the trading of currencies is considered an investment and not a transaction. An investor is not subject to any tax that is imposed on a transaction. This means that the trading of currencies comes with no taxes.

What are the trading hours for Forex Trading in Malaysia?

The trading hours for this market differ from the trading hours for other countries. In Malaysia, the trade forex hours for the forex market are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Forex trading is a popular investing strategy that can help you make a lot of money in a short period. However, many countries have decided that trading in forex is against their interest and have banned it.

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