Online Forex Trading Guide for Beginner 2021

Online Forex Trading Guide for Beginner 2021


Forex trading carries many high-level risks besides being an exciting journey and cannot be favorable for all investors. One has to be very cautious about the purposes of investment, level of expertise, risk-taking before trading FX. Moreover, the immense level of leverage can be in your favor or against you, and you can bear a loss of some or all the opening investment. Therefore, you must consult a financial advisor to get to all the market’s strategies & ups & downs. Let’s dive into the online forex trading guide for beginners.

How is the Forex Market Regulated? - Hedge ThinkThe Trend of Forex Trading

The trend of forex trading in UAE is growing very fast. People are getting engaged in investing their money to get profit. But before you start thinking about investing your hard-earned money, you need to understand first that FX is not as easy as one may think it may be. It is one of the hardest things, full of risks, and only lucky ones succeed using real tricks. You have to be very conscious and prepare yourself mentally about the FX risks while trading Forex. It is preferable to invest less money to minimize the risk, and as per a report, a minimum amount that one can use in FX is $500.

What Is the Forex Market?

The Forex / Fx market or forex exchange market is an over-the-counter market to trade the world’s money. 

The entire Fx game is of currencies; they are essential to many people & businesses because trading in international markets exchange of money is the base.

People trade the forex market worldwide like business banks, central banks, multinationals, and institutional investors. You can enter into the Fx market as a retail trader with a Forex & CFD agent and earn money by currency pair selling and buying.

Forex Trading guide For Beginners

Forex exchanging can be inspiring and worthwhile, yet it can likewise be intense, particularly for newbies. The beginners often behave illogically in their excitement of trading forex and underestimate initial financial education value. To learn forex trading in Dubai & the FX market terms is very necessary for a beginner to understand the market quickly.

The newbies put many expectations from the Fx market while investing, which often leads them to disappointment. In their excitement & emotions, they often act silly, ignoring the basic principles and weakening their overall performance making it very tough for them to trade Forex. 

So, to get the most of the trading opportunity, here are the basic principles that you need to understand before entering the FX market.

FX Beginner’s Guide

The first and foremost important thing for starting anything new is fully understanding the language to avoid any barrier as it is the base of communication.

Thus, let us start our Beginner’s Guide by making you familiar with the most commonly used terms in Forex Trading Market.


The Contract for Difference or CFD is an agreement related to the change in the financial instrumentscosts. Forex implies that you can exploit value changes without possessing the actual resource instead of selling & purchasing a lot of cash.

Spot Forex

Spot Forex is a form of Forex trading in which real currency is used to sell and buy. 


A pip stands for the ‘price interest point’ or ‘percentage in point .’In the forex market, it is the proportion of the change in a currency pair.

A pip in the currency pair or 0.0001 of the quoted price is the core unit in non-JPY money sets. Thus, when the bid price of EUR/USD pairs proceeds from 1.16667 to 1.16677, that marks a distinction of 1 pip.


A capital that a Forex agent presents to its clients to increase the trades’ volume is called leverage. The beginners must understand the concept of leverage before diving in.


While opening a trade, a small amount is held in the account exchange called ‘Margin.’ However, many FX agents permit their customers to leverage due to the lack of basic margin for trading at a sufficiently high volume by the ordinary “Retail Forex Trader.” 


The difference between the selling and buying rate of a currency pair is called ‘Spread.’ The spread is often very low, even lower than a pip for the major currency pairs. At the same time, the spread for the unusual trading pairs might be a little higher. And as per a general trend, the currency pair rate estimation has to overcome the spread to make the FX profitable.

Bear Market 

When the stock market runs in a downwards pattern, it is called the ‘Bear Market.’ Or simply, we can say it represents the falling prices of stocks. In the FX market, it is supposed very bearish when the value of the stock falls quickly & profoundly.

Bull Market 

The bull market is the term right opposite of the bear market. The bull market represents the rising value of stock in a stock market.


Beta is the measurement to indicate the connection between a value of stock comparative with the market’s entire progress. 


A value that the brokers assume to pay for each share is called a ‘Bid. When a vendor gives a selling price of their shares, the bid is set against that value by different brokers.

Broker/ Agent 

when an organization or an individual on a commission, through their program, facilitates your selling & purchasing of an instrument is a ‘Broker.’


Exchange is a platform for the brokers to come and offer different trades. 


Close is a term to tell that the trade has stopped and exchanges have closed.

Day Trading 

Day trading is a term used for the traders selling & buying within the day. It is the most common strategy of FX trading.

Types of Forex Trading

These are the most used types of Online Forex Trading:

Short exchange 

Selling of a currency expecting its value decreases so that you can repurchase at a lower worth and profit by the distinction. 

Long exchange 

When one purchases a currency expecting its value to increase, hoping to profit on distinguishing the value of sale & purchase.

FX Chart types

For beginners, it is essential to get the knowledge of Forex trading graphs. Forex is often shown with different charts and of which the most popular ones are:

Line outlines 

A line graph associates the value of closing of the period when viewing it. A line graph is an essential kind of chart that most brokers use.

OHLC Bar Graphs 

An OHLC bar graph displays a bar for each period the trader is observing. Thus, every vertical bar labels the trading value for the whole day. It shows more noticeable results than the line graph, such as the bar values of open, low, high, and close.

Candle Graphs

Candle Graph is like an OHLC bar graph showing prominent values, and it is an invention of Japanese rice merchants of the 18th century.

It is the most considered graph in the FX market.

Forex Trading Risks 

As a Forex trader, you must be aware of the common risks of the FX market. These three are the most common risks of the Fx market Leverage Risk, Interest Rate Risk, & Exchange Risk.


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